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Full Day 8,900 THB

Twilight 7,000 THB 

Full day 6 hours (standard time 10:00-16:00

Destination: Koh Kharm, Sai Kaew Beach, Monkey Island

(Fishing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Beach Visit)

Twilight 5 Hours (standard time 17:00-22:00 hrs)

Destination: Monkey Island (Sunset cruise,Fishing, Snorkeling

and Squid Fishing.


Speed boat SB230 fun excursion and activities.  A Perfect family and friends getaway boat.  Ideal for a day out at sea fishing, swimming or beach visit.  The speed boat can travel and fast allowing you to have more time for activities.  Our speed boat has been refitted with twin engines to ensure a comfort and safe ride.  Comes with a toilet on board.


Type: Speed Boat                        Guest: 6

Size L.O.A: 52Ft                          Crew: 1

Top Speed: 25 knot                            Cabin: 1

Cruising Speed: 15 knot                 Toilet: 1

Audio system: Aux, Bluetooh, USB



Speed Boat 

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