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Dinning on Private Yacht

Private Yacht Charter with  Private Chef

Make you yachting experience more exclusive with our Private Chef service. 

Fresh Cooking on aboard

Chef will prepare and cook your meal fresh when at the moment you require to dine

Food & Menu Choices

-Wester dishes 

- Thai food

- Seafood 

Cooking from the Fresh Catch of the day

- Sashimi 

- Grill fish 

- Fried Fish 

Ocean Escape is the Yacht Charter in Thailand that cooperate clients choose for their company outing and parties.  We have host groups of company outing and parties up to hundreds of people at a time.   When charter a private yacht for a big group it will make yacht rental fee very cheap,  the larger the group the cheaper the yacht rental price becomes.  Why not have you next corporate event out on a yacht with us. 

Private Yacht Charter with  Food Catering

Catering service on a private yacht trip is available when traveling in a large group.  We can prepare all the food prior to the yachting trip and the food can be ready to eat right away on the yacht.  

Seafood Menu

- Lobster, Crab, Shrimp , Squid Fish 

*Grilled, fried steamed etc. 


- Cold cuts, toast bites, satay , sandwich etc


- TomYum, Phad Thai, Curry dishes and more

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