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Charter a Yacht in Pattaya with Ocean Escape Charter - with the Best Cheap Promotions

Ocean Escape Charter redefines the best yacht charter Pattaya has to offer.

Travel. Play. Indulge

Experience and savour the pleasures of exploring different destinations aboard luxurious surroundings and with your every desire fulfilled.

We put PREMIUM into Pattaya yacht charters, providing clients with the level of quality they should expect from luxury yacht tours. We offer a range of spectacular yachts, fully trained and experienced crew and staff, a scrumptious spread, and high-quality services that can be customised to your specific requirements.

Want to book a yacht charter in Pattaya aboard a sailing yacht or a motor catamaran? The choice is entirely up to you.

Our fleet of boats caters to varying needs based on the number of guests and their idea of a fun and exciting Pattaya , Phuket or Samui yacht hire, 

A coastal town known for its beautiful beaches, Pattaya is one of Thailand's most alluring tourist destinations, beckoning visitors and tourists from around the world into its bustling city and right out into its warm and clear waters.

Out in the big blue, you and your friends or family can engage in a wide range of activities and water sports.

Aboard luxury motor and sailing yachts or motor and sailing catamarans, you have the option to simply lounge and relax onboard, host a party with friends and family, enjoy a romantic getaway surrounded by iridescent blue water, and then step out to take to the waters.

That cheap yacht charter in Pattaya that you book is guaranteed to give you a rich and enriching experience that extends beyond the bow and the stern.

Why Choose Us for Chartering a Yacht

Yachting in style

Get to experience Pattaya and its neighbouring islands for what they really are—beautiful escapes that provide the serenity you're looking for and a reprieve from hectic living.

When you book a yacht charter in Pattaya, we will take you to stunning destinations aboard luxurious vessels fully equipped to match your requirements and ensure that you'll have everything you need even when you're far from the mainland.

Our dedicated crew and staff will take care of everything, whether it's part of our Pattaya yacht charter package or something you specified. Want an open bar and Live DJ onboard?

As a provider of the best yacht charter Pattaya clients highly recommend, you can count on us to make it happen.

Play and make unforgettable memories

Engage in different water sports. Hop from one island to another. Swim, snorkel, and dive. Enjoy fine dining out on the deck. Get the best view of the sunrise and sunset.

These, and more, are what you'll get from the best yacht charter in Pattaya. You'll go home with some amazing stories to tell.

Indulge in the pleasures of luxury sailing

Because we want everyone to experience yacht charter at its finest, we offer cheap yacht charter in Pattaya without sacrificing comfort and safety. Enjoy the ultimate travel experience and adventure aboard an elegant and spacious motor and sailing yachts and motor and sailing catamaran.

Join a yacht tour for an all-inclusive one-day fun trip, exploring 3 islands and experiencing the magnificence and prestige of yacht charter in Pattaya.

Luxury Yachts


Come experience a well lived life on the water, we have a large fleet of yacht that will match our clients requirement for any occasion.  Our experienced crews and staff will assist and tailor the service specifically to our clients desire.

เช่า เรือยอร์ช พัทยา และ ภูเก็ต

Professional Service



We provide our clients a tailor made experience for a yacht vacation holiday. Whether it is going to be Fresh Seafoods & BBQ, Live DJ, Bartenders, Water Sports and more.


Ocean Escape 

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