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Best Islands to visit with a yacht trip from Pattaya

While you are planning for a day trip with your friends by yacht or boat, these are some great options for you to enjoy

Koh Pai Island (best island to visit)

Strong point: The island is very special,with a few tourists can experience clear water with a lot of healthy coral reef. Visitors can access the white sand beautiful beaches.

Activities to do:

  • Great to explore the coral reef a perfect Island for visitor who loves to snorkel

  • Beach visit at Koh Pai Island is considered to be one of the best beaches on the island, there is few tourist and the sand is very soft and white

  • Fishing around the island is another loved spot of the visitor who likes fishing, there are large fish to be spotted and caught around the island


Koh Kharm and Koh Kharm Noi Island

The island is far away from the marina just 1:10 hr ride on the yacht. Lots of coral reef and clear blue water to enjoy swimming idea for Half-day trips from the marina.


  • Great to explore the coral reef a perfect Island for visitor who loves to snorkel.

  • Fishing around the island


Koh Larn Island

Another island that is far away from the marina around 1 hr ride on the yacht. The island is a famous tours island in Pattaya where tours will have to visit Koh larn or known as coral island. The island is a great stop for people who like the happening vibe. Lots of water sports activities are offered on the island from Jetski, parasailing, sea walking and many more.


  • Great to explore the activity vibes of the island

  • Snorkeling areas around the island available

  • Fishing around the island


Monkey Island

The closest stop to ocean marina yacht club around 30-40 mins ride on yacht. Visit Monkey in the island is great for visitors who do not want a very long journey on that yacht, but prefer to anchor at a cove where the water is so calm and enjoy by sitting on the yacht sipping your drink of choice.


  • Swimming

  • Snorkeling / Fishing

  • Monkey Feed on the island

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