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Escape to Pattaya Koh Pai Island

Taking a 2 hours car ride from Bangkok to Pattaya City one of Thailand's most visit destination. What most tourist or even people from Bangkok does not realise is the beauty secluded Koh Pai Island just 1 hours away by Ocean Escape's Private Yacht Charter service from Pattaya.

Crystal Clear Water at Koh Pai

Upon arrival to the island on the private yacht chart from Pattaya you will be surprise that you are just 1 hour away from shore. We can see meters down to the ocean floor at where the yacht is at anchor. Swimming to the far away from the yacht you can see the beautiful coral reefs.

White sandy beach

The beach on Koh Pai is permitted for tourist visit with a national park fee of 150THB for visiting the beach. The beach where our private yacht will anchor is very secluded with just few tourist which makes you feel like you're one a private island.

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