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Yacht Charter In Pattaya

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Ocean Escape Yacht Charter is one of Pattaya best yacht charter company that customer pick when they want to go on a yacht trip in Pattaya.

Charter a Yacht when you're in Pattaya

Pattaya has become a Yachting destination for tourist, there are many beautiful island to visit which is not far away from the marina. Choosing the visit to the island by a yacht is now an affordable option to cruise around the area for fishing, snorkelling and swimming. When you charter a private yacht from in Pattaya with Ocean Escape Yacht Charter, you will experience the hospitality service no like others. The crew here is awaiting to welcome you on board and give you an unforgettable yacht trip experience.

The Yachting Experience

What to expect when you charter a yacht Private Yacht in Pattaya from Ocean Escape Charter:

  • Quality Yacht (One of Pattaya's largest yacht charter fleet to choose from)

  • Full Service (Food, Beverage, Water Sports Equipment and mores)

  • Professional Crew (Experience hospitality and service mind staff)

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